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About Me
Washington Artist Geoffrey Wilson has worked extensively as a session musician, musical director, composer, and producer. With an impressive list of clients including FCB Worldwide, Van Nuys Airport, Xirlink, Contempo Design, Signature Music Europe, Conse
Tags: thriller, suspense, action,
chilling, scary, dramatic,
emotional, evil, cinematic,
charged, orchestral, tense,
edgy, adventure, bold,
brave, intrepid, dynamic,
developing, stirring, emotive,
provocative, progressing, captivating,
exciting, changing, engag,
orchestral, quirky, funny,
zany, Disney, cat and mouse,
animation, odd, charming,
progressing, moving, energetic,
advancing, nonsensical, cute,
changing, shifting, modulating,
twisting, turning, contrasting,
programatic, animated, cartoonish,
childish, fo,action,
electronic, daft punk, hacker,
computer, technology pursuit, responsive,
reactive, moving, energetic,
dark, sinister, secret,
shady, tense, pressure,
escaping, evading, engaging,
contacting, spying, combating,
encountering, following, fleeing,
bold, powerful, emotional,
strong, thrilling, tense,
exciting, programatic, psychological,
evocative, captivating, anticipating,
gripping, climatic, changing,
progressing, moving, twisting,
turning, advancing, approaching,
reaching, ,spiritual,
serene, nostalgic, playful,
light, airy, angelic,
passionate, hopeful, happy,
soulful, imaginative, imaginary,
dreamy, wonderment, curious,
charming, bewitching, enchanting,
winsome, contented, felicity,
animated, bouncy, cheerful,
festive, spr,Americana,
folk, nature, trek,
rugged, motivational, optimistic,
confident, passionate, thoughtful,
inspirational, optimistic, folk,
North Indian, energetic, rhythmic,
joyful, happy, natural,
plains, adventurous, mountaineering,
trekking, hiking, climbing,
quirky, children, confident,
groovy, neighborhood, urban,
street, city, adolescent,
hip hop, bouncy, outgoing,
amicable, friendly, infectious,
contagious, energizing, whimsical,
moving, bouncing, skipping,
strutting, swaggering, parading,
progressing, zan,determined,
confident, strong, bold,
dramatic, thoughtful, resolved,
purposeful, decided, strong,
steadfast, profound, unwavering,
steady, concentrated, brave,
propelling, assured, certain,
poised, secure, expectant,
hopeful, intrepid, legitimate,
tactful,Gamelan, Bali,
Buddhist, Hindu, world,
percussive, electronic, trance,
layered, textural, ethnic,
consciousness, minimalist, groove,
dreamy, ethereal, transcendent,
soundscape, meditative, peaceful,
ethnic, jungle, rainforest,
South East Asia, Pacific, in,
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S.NO Artist Name Song name Play   License
1 Geoffrey-Wilson What Side of Bright License Song
2 Geoffrey-Wilson Witness License Song
3 Geoffrey-Wilson Spiggy and George License Song
4 Geoffrey-Wilson Sleeper Cell License Song
5 Geoffrey-Wilson The Tracker License Song
6 Geoffrey-Wilson Jig of Life License Song
7 Geoffrey-Wilson Open Country Raga License Song
8 Geoffrey-Wilson Johnny Trip License Song
9 Geoffrey-Wilson Seven Schools License Song
10 Geoffrey-Wilson Buddhas Electric Lounge License Song
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